Episode 2: Family

Show notes

In this episode we will be talking about the meaning of family. As we learnt last time, when talking about home, family plays a very important role in terms of feeling secure or even happy. To many people it is the primary place where they feel attachment, nurturance and love. For both, Gabriel and Jameela, feeling at home was deeply connected to their

Children are most vulnerable

Fatima reports, that children are more in danger of becoming most vulnerable - especially when they are orphaned, were separated from their families or live in a family with no legal residency status. We have heard of child headed families, child labour and malnutrition.

Being lone

In Jameela tells how challenging the single fact of beeing alone can be. And the same accounts for her sister back in Afghanistan. Both caretakers without helping hands - both left alone with a lot of responsibility. At least they can talk on the phone.


And Gabriel’s story is a success story to him, because he has his own family now and that changed his life. The vulnerability that he has to face: He worries that he will not be able to afford his daughter a good education.

This was the second of six episodes of „Speaking Refugee - The VULNER Podcast“. In the upcoming episodes we will explore more facets of vulnerability, like food, gender, capital or health. We will do this together with Fatima, Gabriel and Jameela. We hope you’ll be with us again.

This project has received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870845.

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