Speaking Refugee. The VULNER Podcast

A six parts podcast series that explores how refugees experience their „vulnerabilities“ when seeking asylum.
In this podcast we want to focus on the individual experiences and feelings, that constitute the „vulnerability“ of refugees and that are often overlooked. - We bring together scientific field work AND the stories of refugees. We wanted to know: How does vulnerability show at the different stages of the migration process?
To answer this question we talked to three people from three different countries: You will meet Jameela, who is a refugee from Afghanistan and currently in an accommodation centre in Belgium. Gabriel, who has a refugee history himself and is now working with refugees in Uganda. And we talked to Fatima, a humanitarian worker in the MENA region with Basmeh and Zeitooneh – one of the areas of concentration is Lebanon.
This podcast is a part of the VULNER project, a research project that aims to understand the vulnerabilities faced by migrants, to enable decision-makers to better identify positions of vulnerabilities and address them.
Because: vulnerability is increasingly used as a tool that allows decision-makers to identify migrants in need of special assistance and protection - and many international laws as well as national policy reflect this focus.
The VULNER project has received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under the grant agreement No 870845.

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